River Cruising : Did you know?

River Cruising is one of the fastest growing businesses in the travel business. While big ship cruising grows every year by 3%, River Cruising is growing every year by as much as 13%. Once looked at as the vacation for seniors, the age of river cruisers is getting younger. This is largely because the retiring baby boomers are taking the entire family on a river cruise.

River cruising through Europe allows you to enjoy the peaceful and scenic countryside and offers a smooth ride along the world’s most remarkable waterways.  Castles and fortresses tower on both sides, as if you could reach out and touch them. When your ship docks in the heart of town, you get to stroll ashore for included excursions or set off to explore on a complimentary bicycle. Here are some of the reasons why you would want to do a River Cruise with AmaWaterways if you are going to visit Europe:

1. All-Inclusive Cruises

Contrary to big ship cruises, River Cruising is all-inclusive.  Your cruise, meals, drinks, transfers and excursions are all included in one neat package. No surprise bill at the end of the cruise other than tipping.  You get mimosas for breakfast and wine and beer are included with every meal.  You get to taste some of the finest beers and wines that the region has to offer, and it’s all included in your cruise package.

life onboard a river cruise is all inclusive      Amazing service

2. Unpack Once and Get Comfortable

Like the big ship cruises, you only have to unpack once.  This is really helpful for people who don’t want to be dragging their luggage around with them and unpacking and repacking at every destination.  You get to visit different cities and countries and your hotel travels with you.  The amenities on a river cruise can compare to a first class hotel. You will get to leave the ship with ease as only 150 passengers are on the ship.  No long waiting lines to get on or off of the river boat.  Your stateroom is very stylish and comfortable so you can relax after returning from an excursion.  And while you can go topside, you can enjoy the scenery from the comfort of your balcony as you leisurely sail to your next destination.

River cruising allows you to dock in city

3. Dock Right in the Heart of Historic Cities

Enjoy the excitement of waking up in a new town, docked just steps from markets, museums and landmarks. Ships rest close to the town center so you can easily sample local culture and favorite past times. Simply walk off the ship and into the heart of the city. Take a guided excursion or instantly blend in with daily life. And if you do have to travel to a destination further from the shore, we include transportation in your package.

Enchanting Rhine

4. Discover the World’s Most Scenic Waterways

You get to cruise through some of Europe’s oldest cities or on the world’s most scenic waterways. These were the original highways between great cities built along the water’s edge. Over the course of your journey, you’ll find yourself surrounded by rolling vineyards, hilltop castles and time-honored cities. Vibrant locales not accessible by sea or that can take hours to reach by motor coach are up close and personal on a river cruise.

www.dreamtravelescapes.com5. Intimate Environment, Inclusive Value

 With river vessels accommodating a mere 150 passengers, you will never wait in a long line to board or disembark. Smaller tours and intimate meal settings with open seating create a warm, personal atmosphere accentuated by five-star service. Your inclusive vacation provides incredible value from the champagne breakfast and free-flowing hand-selected European wines with dinner to a fleet of bicycles, free Internet access, included sightseeing excursions and live cultural entertainment onboard. On a river cruise, your vacation’s price tag doesn’t keep adding up. Compare this to a big ship cruising.

6. A Smooth, Relaxing Way to Cruise

Constant, soft-flowing river waters are always peaceful and smooth, so leave any fears of motion sickness behind. Take a dip in the pool or sink into the bubbling whirlpool, get pampered with decadent spa services or enjoy live music in the lounge. The deck invites you with a fresh river breeze and unforgettable changing scenery.
 Theme Cruises Available

7. Themed Cruises

 Amawaterways offers themed cruises.  If you love to paint, or even if you only love to admire art, this cruise is for you. An artist on board will help you paint a masterpiece you will be proud to take home.  There are themed cruises for beer lovers, wine lovers and Jewish heritage lovers. Whichever river cruise you pick, be it themed or not, you are going to be talking about this vacation for a very long time and you probably will not want to travel any other way!

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