INternational Travel

"The World is a book"

For me, this travel quote means that those that do not travel do not see and experience much in their lives. When you travel you see so many cultures, try new experiences, taste new dishes and do things you never thought you could. The ability to travel is there for everyone, all you need to do is turn the page.

If you stay in one place all your life, you never ‘turn a page’. You read and re-read the same thing. You don’t experience new and exciting things. Travelling allows you to ‘read page after page’ fully immersing yourself in ‘the book’ that is life.

So even if you only travel once in your life, or only go to one or two destinations, at least you are not staying that one page. Even if you only travel your own country, at least you have fully read a chapter. It doesn’t matter how far you travel or how often, as long as you get off that first page from time to time!


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