HOneymoon Packages

There’s a big, beautiful world for you to explore as newlyweds. We make it easy to plan your perfect honeymoon so you can focus on what’s really important.

The world is available to you on your honeymoon.

Every location has pretty pictures and amazing prices.
if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Are those reviews real? What is included?

We make it simple to find out.

You’re getting married, we’re so excited for you – now let’s talk honeymoon!

Planning your wedding is such a special time, but you can’t deny that small nagging feeling that you might neglect your honeymoon plans a bit. We’re here to take some of the weight off your shoulders so you can focus on the big day!

Our packages include affordable honeymoon destinations that are bound to take your breath away.



Here’s how we can help plan your honeymoon package

Whether you want to go on a short 3-day cruise or a two-month escapade around Europe, your honeymoon is important to us and we want to be by your side from start to finish. Along with your selected honeymoon package, Apollo Travel will also give you access to a private and personal webpage that keeps all your travel plans and itinerary safe in one place. We also create a FREE Honeymoon wishes account so you can start ticking all those items off your bucket list. Yay!

All-Inclusive Resorts’ Packages

Enjoy every ounce of your honeymoon without having to lift a finger. Our all-inclusive resort packages are the perfect option for those who want to live their best lives, knowing that everything is taken care of. From meals to accommodation to activities and adventures – what more could you need?

Except for each other, of course.

Honeymoon Cruises

Cruises are romantic by design; Caribbean seas, or in a far off land, on the water. Can’t pick one destination? That’s okay, we wouldn’t be able to either. Have your cake and eat it too. In fact, eat it in every country or while lounging next to the pool on the way to your next destination. Sometimes you can have it all.

What can Apollo Travel Orlando do for me?

At Apollo Orlando we do one thing – and we do it exceptionally well: Travel. Read more about all the ins and outs of life at Apollo Orlando, meet our team and get some behind-the-scenes info on our About Us page

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