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Apollo Knows

  Apollo knows…
We know that planning your destination wedding or honeymoon can be overwhelming. 

We know it can be time-consuming. We know it can be stressful! We know looking at 175 resorts can be daunting, not knowing if the reviews are real or the photos are genuine.

Apollo knows…

We know how to book, plan and design the perfect adventure for you and the love of your life!
We know how to develop a custom experience built around your unique, picturesque celebration of a lifetime!
We know how to allow you to get married in a private ceremony on the beaches of Tahiti, or the white sand of Jamaica. We know where to send you to have you get am amazing honeymoon on top of a Mayan temple.
We know the perfect place for you to ring in an anniversary in the rainforests of Costa Rica.
We know the best place for you to see the Eiffel tower from a café in Paris.

Apollo knows…

We know how to help you choose, plan & book your romantic getaway to best match your travel style, worthy of your love story! 

We know we have the knowledge, skills, and contacts to create the most romantic getaways. We know the worst thing for your wedding is to show up and the location is not what you imagined for your romantic getaway. We know you will breathe a sigh of relief after your first conversation with one of our Specialists.

We know we shall do everything possible to make sure Your Big Day is ready to go & perfect.

We know your trip of a lifetime awaits.

Apollo Knows…


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