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So what is fascinating about sailing on top of the waters of the world? No doubt you have met well-traveled individuals who sing the praises of cruising. For the uninitiated, the fascination with sailing on a floating city with hundreds, even thousands, of strangers may seem…well… strange. Cruising has some merit you may not have considered and you may appreciate aspects of the experience well enough to take the leap yourself!

The large following cruising has garnered to itself is really because of the varied nature of the experience. We offer luxury cruises and mass-market cruises. There are cruises in the Caribbean, on the Nile and the Amazon, cruises circumnavigating Iceland, traveling the fjords of Norway and visiting the polar regions of Antarctica. There are cruises on practically every navigable river and lake in the world and on all the 7 seas. You can also take advantage of cruises where you can take part in rigorous expeditions into nature or where you can spend all day doing nothing by a pool.

With a range of experiences so varied, is it a surprise cruising has such a broad following? The differentiations are important, because you will often encounter the individual who professes not to like “cruising.” Most often, this poor soul is indicating they don’t like a particular type of cruising; but the person who does not want to find themselves aboard a massive cruise ship in the Caribbean with 3,000 other passengers might actually be enthralled with a river cruise on the Danube or an expedition cruise off the coast of Patagonia.

As varied as the destinations and the types of cruises available, individual cruise lines also have very distinct personalities. Our job as a travel consultant is to assist you in finding the exact cruise experience for you and your traveling companions. For that reason, expect your travel consultant to ask a lot of questions about your desires, who you will be traveling with and what you most want out of your cruise vacation.

Multiple Destinations, Unpack Once

One of the truly great aspects of cruising is the way destinations arrive! You go to bed in one location and arise in another. Especially on cruises allowing for extended and immersive time in ports of call, the convenience of seeing multiple destinations with a minimum of effort on your part certainly adds to the pleasure of the experience.

Cruise Ships are Social, Yet Intimate and romantic

Your fellow passengers and you are all “in the same boat” so to speak. One of the great pastimes of cruising is getting to know others traveling with you. On many cruises, the passenger manifest reads like a United Nations roster. People of all backgrounds, sail with you, dine with you, visit the sights of your ports and share in the experience. For all the inter-mingling, however, even on the largest cruise ships, it is easy to find a quiet corner to spend time with someone special or in small groups. Cruising is inherently romantic and the atmosphere intimate outside of the noise and pace of the most active on-ship venues.

Cruises are Family Friendly

Cruising offers a terrific opportunity for family time. Most ships allowing children have special programs to entertain young ones and kids understand and appreciate the excitement of visiting multiple destinations. Again, some cruise lines are better situated for family experiences in terms of the demographic of the passengers, the onboard programs and the destinations. If you are traveling with children, this is one area where we will delve deeply into your own preferences and those of your younger passengers in tow!

Cruises Can be As Active as you Like

Every cruise line has staff dedicated to daily activities for passengers. Large cruise ships typically have many varied opportunities ranging from classes to rock wall-climbing and surfing! Smaller expedition type cruises often have experts in the destination and ecology of the visited region who will provide expert insight into the culture and environment of the destinations. Other activities can include nightclubs, casinos, lectures and yoga. However, it is perfectly OK just to spend your time quietly lounging around the pool or the ship library, the choice is yours.

So How To Choose The Right Cruise for You?

Picking the right cruise is a decision with many variables: the cruise line, the cruise ship, the destination, the demographic of the passengers, the service, activities and, most importantly exactly what you desire from the experience. We want you to make an informed, intelligent buying decision! We work with our clients to ensure the cruise they choose is right for them and those traveling with them.

The world of cruising awaits, and we look forward to assisting you in choosing the exact right adventure on the waters for you and your companions!

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