Why use a Travel Consultant?

What value do they bring?

Why use an agent?



Why Use Travel Agents


You look on line for a vacation, and you may find 186,859 options.

You ain’t got time for that.




Travel agents are the driving force behind today’s travel industry. They know that you work hard for your vacations, and want to work equally as hard to ensure travelers have the best vacation experiences possible.


Online travel websites may seem like an easy option for booking travel but without personal customer service, people who book trips online often end up frustrated, confused, and dissatisfied. This is where a travel agent can step in to help, with the backing of our established, well-connected host travel agency.


Expert Guidance

With industry experience, travel agents have both the knowledge and firsthand experience to help clients decide which destination or resort is best for them. Travel agents have all the information – from the best attractions to see, the most exciting activities to do, and the most affordable way to get there… they’ve got it covered!


Travel agents understand that people may feel limited by their vacation budget. That’s why they’re dedicated to helping people receive the best possible value.

Personalized Service

Travel agents devote time and effort to making sure people are happy and satisfied with their travel options. If clients need any assistance, agents are just a phone call or email away, so the travelers will receive immediate attention when they need it.

Customer Advocate

In the rare case that something on a trip doesn’t go as planned, travel agents are there to resolve the problem, so the client can relax and enjoy. Travel agents work for the client – not the travel supplier, so their main concern is always the traveler’s comfort and needs.

Time Savings

Travel agents know exactly where to go to get the information that they need. Planning a vacation with an agent saves time and money because they’ll handle all travel arrangements.

Unbiased information

Travelers can be assured that travel agents will do their best to make a vacation experience as wonderful as possible. When you book travel through an agent, they work for the client – not the travel supplier.


100 Reasons You Should Use A Travel Agent

1. Using the services of a travel agent is free as they earn their commissions from hotels, airlines and other vendors.

2. Your vacation package will be way more personalized.

3. It will not cost you a penny more than if you book the package yourself.

4. They have access to quickly find deals and special offers that are not visible to regular travel consumers.

5. Travel Agents have more flexibility to put together complicated itineraries

6. They are better positioned to handle large groups with a variety of needs and special requests.

7. Your travel agent will make sure you are aware of all fees and other charges that may show up later.

8. The customer service experience is way better

9. They remain your single point of contact for anything travel related you need from the time you start planning until after you get back from your trip.

10. They will help you find the best possible options for your budget.

11. They can easily tell you if a package is a good deal or not.

12. They rely on repeat business and referrals so they have a lot of incentive to do the best job for you.

13. They can leverage relationships with vendors and partners to get you additional perks.

14. Your travel agent will make sure you are aware about any complimentary offers or specials you are entitled to.

15. Your travel agent will see that all your special needs and or special request are met whenever possible.

16. Your travel agent will do all the work from research to booking

17. Travel agents are trained in how to creatively build travel itineraries and vacation packages.

18. They have access to information that regular travelers do not

19. You are less likely to run into surprises when you show up at a resort.

20. The online options can be overwhelming and very time consuming. Using a travel agent saves you time and headache.

21. Review websites are not very credible and more than half the reviews on these websites are fake.

22. You are not an expert of a product or a destination after reading biased online reviews, fancy website write-ups and looking at Photoshop enhanced pictures for two days. Your travel agent speaks from real knowledge and experience.

23. People who use travel experts most times end up with a more complete travel experience than those that booked online on their own.

24. Travel experts do not give feedback based on emotions or personal preference. They deliver the facts and allow you to make an educated decision.

25. Most five star accommodations you see online are not really 5 star. Your agents will help you accurately rate hotels and experiences.

26. They will tell you when the best times are to travel to your desired destinations, based on your budget or local conditions.

27. They are working for you and are less likely to be biased.

28. When you are not sure what you are looking for, they will work with you to come up with good ideas.

29. Your travel agent is your advocate incase something goes wrong on your trip and you need someone to go to bat for you to ensure you get compensated.

30. Online booking engines seldom update their images so many times the images you see online do not accurately represent the hotels.

31. Most travel agents have personally visited the destinations they sell and have personally experienced the products they sell.

32. Your travel agent will bring up all the small important details that you are unaware of or may be overlooking.

33. Travel agents will do extra research to give you the most up-to-date information about a hotel or any other product you are looking to book or purchase.

34. They will suggest really good ideas you probably would never have thought of on your own.

35. They will help you with proper budgeting for your trip.

36. They will negotiate on your behalf.

37. You’re more likely to make all the right choices for your travel plans, when guided by a trained expert.

38. Your travel agent will be there for you in times of emergency, such as wanting to change a flight last minute, name change or emergency cancellations.

39. You get to have one person handle your reservation file and do not need to explain everything over to a different customer service rep every time you have a question or need an update.

40. Hotels favor small travel agents and agencies over the big online booking engines that normally demand higher commissions.

41. Your travel agent can help you in situations where hotel and airlines overbook and customers have to get bumped.

42. They will find the right answers for all your questions

43. Your travel agent cares about the type of experience you have

44. Your travel agent is your safety net incase of emergency or misfortune.

45. They help you with the extras like filling out visa and passport applications

46. They ensure that you have all the right documentations in order to travel to your desired destination.

47. They are a one-stop-shop for all the things you need to book to complete your travel itinerary.

48. They appreciate your business way more than the massive billion dollar travel companies.

49. They will be patient with you, so you can take the time you need to make the right decision.

50. They can sometimes put airline and hotel pricing on hold for you for up to 48 hours.

51. You have a go-to-source anytime you need any information travel related

52. You get to share the wealth. The big online agencies do not need any more money.

53. Travel agents will let you know if there is any reason you should not travel to your destination of choice.

54. They will give you all the tips and tricks you need to learn to make sure your travel and vacation goes smoothly.

55. They will call to check on you close to your travel date to make sure everything is going according to plan.

56. They will call you after your trip to ask if everything went well.

57. Your certified travel experts are insured by governing bodies and have insurance through their host agencies.

58. Your travel agent will work extremely hard for you with no guarantee of your business.

59. Your travel agent will use favors to have hotel do something special for you for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays etc.

60. Many travel agents offer free gifts and other incentives for you to book with them.

61. Travel agents are better at planning vacations than the Internet.

62. Big online booking engines are ran by massive corporations that deal with millions of customers annually. They will never remember who you are.

63. Your travel agent will remember you and your family, friends and other travel parties by name and preferred room category.

64. They will not fill your inbox with unlimited junk mail

65. You feel way more important when you have someone else taking care of all your travel details for you.

66. They will respond to urgent matters URGENTLY.

67. When you are well educated and fully prepared, you travel with more peace-of-mind.

68. Hotel owners will give you preferential treatment when you are a client of one of their top travel agents.

69. There are way more important things you could be doing than wasting time comparing prices on 10 different websites.

70. Your travel agent is your optimized search engine that will only send you a limited number of options based only on your personal preference, budget and specific instructions.

71. You are less likely to get caught by the “Fine print”

72. What better way to plan surprise trip for your love one than let your travel agent secretly arrange everything for you.

73. If your vacation is special to you, then it deserves special attention.

74. Real travel agents have a genuine passion for creating amazing experiences for their clients. They truly care about your vacation.

75. Airline lost your luggage… well you can make matters even worse by wasting the first two days of your trip trying to track it down yourself, or you can let your travel agent handle it for you.

76. That online booking engine did not tell you that the hotel is an hour from the airport so you are now in a foreign country negotiating what the correct cost should be to get to your hotel. Your travel agent would make sure your airport transfers is covered so you would never have that problem.

77. They will make you look really good by taking care of your referrals the just as good as they took care of you.

78. They will compensate you for referrals you send to them.

79. They work extremely hard most times for very little.

80. Your travel agent is normally a family friend, a friend of a friend or someone you know personally.

81. They know about all the really cool and unique travel ideas that are not heavily marketed.

82. They can help get you out of penalty situations.

83. If you are a business traveler, they become your personal travel concierge service that manages and organizes your entire travel schedule.

84. Looking for a family vacations? Not all resorts that allow kids are ideal for a vacation with the kids. Your travel agent knows the difference between a resort that allows kids and a resort that is ideal for kids.

85. Do you or anyone you are travelling with have special needs? Your travel agent will make sure that your hotel of choice is appropriately setup to accommodate those needs.

86. What currency should I travel with? Do you need to buy local currency or will they accept my native currency? Ask your travel agent. They will either already know this or find you the best answer.

87. To TIP or not to TIP? When should I TIP? What is an appropriate amount? Let your travel agent help you find the right answers for your tip Dilemma.

88. Travel agents are extremely resourceful and creative in last minute travel booking situations.

89. Most travel agents offer a 24-hour emergency line that you can call in times of desperation.

90. When you pick up the phone to call, you will never have to talk to a machine or an outsourced customer service that hardly speaks your language.

91. Most online travel booking sites require you to pay your entire trip cost up front, regardless of when you book. Some travel agents can get you setup on a payment plans to make smaller incremental payments especially when you are booking early.

92. They can offer you a wider variety of payment options, such as mailed check, wired transfers, direct deposits… Not just online credit or debit payment.

93. Luggage fees are very expensive. Sometimes asking someone with experience and knowledge what to pack and what not to pack can save you on paying unnecessary luggage fees. We call that person a Travel Agent.

94. Your travel agent will remember all the important details about your travel needs and preferences, which makes planning future trips even easier.

95. Your personal travel agent will send you a thank you card at Christmas or invite you to a customer appreciation event.

96. Do you own a business? Your travel agent will support your business just like you support them.

97. When you support a travel agent, you could actually be making a real difference in someone’s life, sending a child to college, or helping a local girl’s softball team.

98. You do not need the Internet or need to remember your booking reference number and password to access your travel agent.

99. Planning a vacation is not just about money; it’s also about time. You may be able to get a refund for a bad experience, but you will never get back your time. You will be doing yourself a huge favor by seeking expert help.

100. I just gave you 99 good reasons!!


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