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In High Demand: Travel Advisors

As a Travel Advisor, Joshua Smith knows what it’s like to help travelers maneuver through difficult situations, from pandemic restrictions to natural disasters and medical emergencies. Those quick-thinking, problem-solving skills are coming in handy more often as...

Cancun Eliminates Mandatory Customs Forms for Arriving Tourists

Government officials in Cancun announced the destination has ended the need for arriving travelers to fill out customs (FMM) forms and granted Americans a fast-track entry process. According to the Cancun Sun, many travelers who didn’t complete the Forma Multipla...

Why Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas may be the perfect cruise ship for a first timer

Are you someone that has never tried a cruise because you think cruise ships just aren't for you? I have friends and family that have felt this way for years out of concern that ships are overcrowded, isolated in the ocean, or otherwise bored. Regardless of the...

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