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Garcia Perez Wedding

Before we make arrangements for your flight, hotel, car rental, tour, cruise, or other trip, we require that you acknowledge your agreement with the following terms and conditions:

Please thoroughly review these terms and conditions of Apollo Travel. and Apollo Travel Orlando, herein referred to as ATO. The booking passenger, by accepting this receipt and making payment to ATO, acknowledges that they have been advised of, reviewed, and hereby accept these terms and conditions and contract for travel related services. These conditions apply to yourself, your family or traveling companions that you represent or make payments on their behalf.

Concessions are based on double occupancy. Complimentary passenger/room value must be based on the lowest room category booked and the shortest length of stay within the group. Only rooms complying with the minimum of 3 nights will count towards complimentary. Some restrictions may apply. Group concessions and inclusions are subject to revision with any change in current room block. The group rates are also subject to revision should the number of rooms fall below the hotel’s minimum requirement for a group. If the group changes to 50% or more in single occupancy, the hotel reserves the right to apply additional charges. This percentage may vary per hotel and is entirely up to the hotel’s discretion at time of request. Any complimentary value will be assessed after all rooms are paid in full.

Any reduction or cancellation after final payment may affect the comp value. Complimentary room upgrades are subject to availability at time of check in and entirely at hotel’s discretion.
Note: Any special requests for meeting space, cocktail party, hors d’oeuvre, or anything outside of the regular hotel inclusions will be subject to additional charges. Hotel taxes are subject to change and any increase will be passed along to the customer. The hotel reserves the right to charge a fee for no-shows who fail to attend any planned event, such as a cocktail party, even if the event is complimentary as part of the group amenities offered. If an event is planned in advance for a specific number of people, all guests are expected to attend; otherwise, the group is subject to penalties.
Important: The group rate cannot be adjusted if a reduced rate is released in the future. Reduced rates offered by the hotel or airline are for new bookings only.


Initial deposit of $100per person is due upon booking (Does NOT Include Insurance)

11/24/23 Final Payment is due.

Documents will not be emailed without your signature on our emailed/faxed request to confirm all names entered are correct.
[Names may be required earlier should the hotel issue a closeout/stop sell. See Change Fees below.] A fee will apply for any paper
documents processed.

In order for transfers to be programmed correctly, the Flight Details should be provided to Apollo Travel at 60 days prior but no later than 15 days prior to the first scheduled arrival date for your group. If Flight Details are not received within by 15 days prior to arrival, a fee of $35 per person will be assessed and applied to the grand total. Apollo Travel cannot be responsible for any inaccurate or missing flight information which may affect the client arrival and/or departure pick-up time in destination. Any changes to flight itinerary
received within 24 hours of departure will result in an additional transfer fee. Note that is important to provide only the flight segments into and out of the destination. Connecting flights are not necessary, as they do not impact transfers.

Additional passengers may be added based on availability. The contracted rate may be different for any passengers added in excess of the number of passengers/rooms outlined

Cancel & Reduction Policy

96+ days prior to departure:
Policies based on the Group Size Classification:  – Group is holding up to 25 rooms
• No penalty will apply for cancelled room nights
• Room nights may be added to the group at the same rates as the original room block
95 – 45 days prior to departure:
• Up to 20% of the existing room block nights may be cancelled without penalty. A penalty of 30% will apply to the
remainder of the cancelled room nights
• Up to 20% of the existing room block may be added to the group at the same rates as the original room block
45 – 0 days prior to departure:
• Full penalty for any cancellations or reductions

A maximum of 20% of the group’s total reservations are permitted to be single occupancy. If single occupancy
rooms surpass 20%, those additional single occupancy rooms will be charged on double occupancy.


Insurance is optional but recommended. 
Quotes will be provided upon request.
ATO can not be held responsible for any occurrences or situations beyond reasonable and customary control.  

Final Payment: Name change from $150 per person.
Note: Hotels may deny name changes at their discretion. Changes within 3 days of departure may be accepted in a case by case basis.


Group Size

If a group size increases or decreases enough to change the category under which it falls, the initial change will follow the policies for the original group size. Moving forward, the group should follow the policies according to the current group size.For example: if a group of 35 rooms decreases to 25 rooms, the initial change must apply policies for groups 26 to 39 rooms; however moving forward, policies for groups up to 25 rooms should apply.

Hyatt Inclusive Collection Wedding Group Room Block

For wedding groups only, a maximum of 30% of the room block will be allowed for 6 nights or longer. The remaining 70% will only be confirmed for a maximum of 5 nights. For example: If a wedding group needs 50 rooms, 15 will be allowed for 7 nights, and 35 will be allowed for up to 5 nights. Anything needed outside of this will have to be requested at the time of booking the individual reservations.

Inclusive Collection Beyond Memorable Wedding Package Advisory
ALGV Groups is pleased to offer for purchase Inclusive Collection’s Beyond Memorable Wedding Package as part of the ALGV Groups contract. However, if the package is purchased outside of ALGV Groups and directly with Inclusive Collection, we ask that you advise your ALGV Group Service Desk of this (after contracting) so we may work with the hotel to ensure the correct group concessions are applied at final invoicing. Failure to notify ALGV Groups may result in forfeited group concessions from the hotel.




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