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What is it about the open water and the endless possibility that it holds? We’ll tell you. They say it’s not about the destination, but about the journey. At Apollo Travel Orlando, we don’t think you have to choose. With our cruise vacations, you get the best of both worlds and can have an equally spectacular journey and multiple fantastic destinations.

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We offer luxury cruises and mass-market cruises. There are cruises in the Caribbean, on the Nile and the Amazon, cruises circumnavigating Iceland, travelling the fjords of Norway and visiting the polar regions of Antarctica. There are cruises on practically every navigable river and lake in the world and on all the 7 seas. Still not convinced? You can also choose a cruise where you can take part in rigorous expeditions into nature or where you can spend all day doing lounging next to the pool and soaking in the sun.
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How To Choose The Right Cruise for You?

Picking the right cruise is a decision with many variables: Royal Caribbean cruise, Carnival Cruise, Norwegian Cruise, Viking, MSC, etc, the cruise ship, the destination, the demographic of the passengers, the service, activities and, most importantly, your own personal preferences and what you enjoy doing in your free time.


We want you to make an informed, intelligent buying decision! We work with our clients to ensure the cruise they choose is right for them and those travelling with them. The world of cruising awaits, and we look forward to assisting you in choosing the exact right adventure on the waters for you and your companions.


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You have LOTS of cruise options.
Easter Carribean, Western Carribean, Mediterranean, Alakan, Northern European, Greek Isles, Northeastern US, Small boat, Rivership, Custom..

Which one is your “fit”?

We make it simple to find out.

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