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About Us

We do one thing.. Travel.

We don’t work on transmissions.

We suck at a making tiramisu.

We call someone when the stove stops working.

When we need a plumber we “Got a guy”.

We cant sew worth a darn.

HOWEVER,  When it comes to arranging travel, we excel.



Apollo Travel Orlando specializes in All-Inclusive resorts and Cruises, but can service all travel types.

Our world of destinations and global network of agents and partners cover all continents, and are curated to cater mainly to individuals and secondly to groups of all sizes. Our services and packages are world-class and our competitive rates are only exceeded by the high-quality travel experiences we offer our clients.
Our attention to detail, focus on quality, passion for what we do and commitment to fulfilling our promise of an amazing journey, makes us exceptionally attractive to our clients and partners alike.
Our work philosophy at Apollo Travel Orlando stems from our believe that life is a journey, and so is our business. We are determined to provide all our clients with amazing life-transforming journeys that are not focused on merely reaching the destination, but rather on the greatness of the experience of getting there.
You only have one chance at a perfect vacation.

Custom Travel Experiences

Tell us what you’ve always dreamed of doing and we’ll exhaust our resources to make it happen. It’s one thing to pack up and go to grandma’s house in Virginia. It’s a different story when it comes to creating global vacations to your specifications. Whether you are looking for insider experiences, local flavor or merely pursuing your wanderlust, our travel experts know the ins and outs of locales around the world. 

There are so many reasons to custom-build your vacation. Doing so provides flexibility and control over what you do and how much time you spend doing it; from planning the right itinerary and finding the right accommodations, to arranging private touring and transfers. We are passionate about tailoring unique custom trips that fulfill your expectations, leveraging our experience and worldwide personal connections. We’ll help you embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Building Memories

It is not the destination where you end up but the mishaps and memories you create along the way.

No Distance Is too Far

We have made travel packages all over the globe, from  Asia to Zimbabwe, Mexico to Moracco. If you can dream it, Apollo Travel can build it





WE Got You Covered


First step in solving anything starts ith relationships and communication. We have years and countless hours invested into trust with our partners. 


Apollo Travel has partnerships with all the major insurance vendors . We strongly advise buying insurance. Its realitvly inexpensive compared to the coverage and peice of mind that you recieve. 

Personal support

Unlike many online retailers, with Apollo Travel, you have a person… with a cell phone…. who actually cares.  With us, you are more than just a booking number, your a client, a person, and one that we wat to have a long term relationship with.

Exclusive Offer

Get 30% Off Your First Trip

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